Your Solution to Dirty Kitchen Equipment

What is the FOG Tank?

The FOG Tank is a heated soak tank that safely and easily removes fat, oil, grease, and carbon buildup from your metal cookware and kitchen and bakery equipment. The thermostatically controlled FOG Tank is constructed from 304 grade stainless steel, is fully insulated, and safely cleans all types of metal, including aluminum. FOG is an acronym for Fat, Oil, and Grease. View product sizes and details

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How Does The FOG Tank Work?

The secret to the success of the FOG Tank is our safe and proprietary Tiger Carbon-Removal Powder. The powder is an environmentally safe cleaning agent that is non-caustic, non-toxic, fully biodegradable, aluminum safe, food safe, and completely safe for humans. Items removed from the tank are fully sanitized and bacteria-free.

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Before and After



With only five simple steps, cleaning with the FOG Tank is as easy as using your

microwave oven!


Step 1

step 1 how to use fogtank

Fill the FOG Tank with (preferably hot) water to the ‘Fill Line’ marked on the inside, plug the tank into an electrical outlet, and switch ON.

Step 2

step 2 how to use fogtank

Slowly add the Tiger Carbon-Removal Powder.

Step 3

step 3 how to use fogtank

Load the tank with your dirty pots, pans, vent hood filters, etc, using the ‘lifting basket’ that is housed inside the FOG Tank.

Step 4

step 4 how to use fogtank

Close the lid, leaving the items in the tank to soak, and walk away!

Step 5

step 5 how to use fogtank

Remove the items from the tank, then simply rinse off any loose or softened carbon fragments.