Restaurant Soak Tank For Equipment Cleaning

Restaurant kitchens generate a lot of dirty tools every day. Cleaning pots, pans, hood filters and other metal equipment can take up a tremendous amount of time to cut through all the grease and carbon buildup they accumulate. Keeping your kitchen clean and sanitary is crucial for your long-term success. That’s because any unsanitary conditions in a commercial kitchen can lead to health and safety issues that can hurt your reputation, get you in trouble with local authorities and even lead to your operations being closed. Fortunately, there’s a solution that eliminates the need to scrub. The FOG Tank® is a restaurant soak tank that cleans and sanitizes metal equipment in commercial kitchens with very little effort from staff. Restaurant soak tanks are changing the way the industry keeps clean by providing restaurants with a faster and easier way to clean their metal equipment.

How FOG Tank Works

This soak tank makes restaurant kitchen equipment cleaning as simple as dunking your dirty implements inside and letting it do its job. By adding our proprietary non-caustic, non-toxic and eco-friendly Tiger Carbon Remover Powder® to the water, this stainless steel tank becomes one of the most powerful restaurant cleaning tools around. When the cycle is finished, all you need to do is rinse away any carbon fragments that might be left behind. Your items will be completely clean and sanitized without any need to scrub.

This restaurant kitchen equipment cleaning solution is available in a range of sizes to meet your needs. The chemical solution used is good for 30 days before needing a refresh, making the FOG Tank an environmentally safe solution.

How It Saves You Money

Among the many benefits of the FOG Tank, here are a few areas where you will save time and money:

  • Water: Because you only need to change the water every 30 days, you will save thousands of gallons of water compared to a traditional  three compartment sink.
  • Chemicals: Our non-toxic and fully biodegradable restaurant equipment cleaning solution only needs to be added to the tank once a month, unlike most cleansers that are only good for a few items at a time.
  • Labor: The FOG Tank requires no scrubbing, simply drop items in the tank and walk away. Savings your staff time and effort that can be better utilized in other areas.
  • Electricity: The FOG Tank is fully insulated, allowing it to maintain its operating temperature of 185 degrees without needing to draw additional power. Compared to a three-compartment sink or dish machine that is constantly having to heat new water.

What Does It Clean?

The FOG Tank is the fast and convenient method for metal restaurant kitchen equipment cleaning, removing grease and food residue with minimal effort. Examples of implements it can clean include:

  • Pots
  • Pans
  • Roasting dishes
  • Wire baskets
  • Rotisserie baskets
  • Baking racks
  • Sheet pans
  • Oven racks
  • Muffin pans
  • Cutting boards
  • Grills
  • Hood filters
  • Stove parts
  • Gas burners
  • Rubber floor mats
  • And more

The FOG Tank will make your kitchen equipment look brand new, and the ROI is typically seen within six to seven months. To learn more about how you can buy or rent one of these restaurant soak tanks for your kitchen, get in touch with us today.