Industries and Testimonials


Our superior stand-and-soak cleaning system provides flexibility to hectic hotel kitchens, allowing staff to focus on creating quality cuisine and providing top-notch service.

Hilton – San Diego Bayfront

“We got the FOG Tank because it’s our goal to keep the Chef’s pots and pans looking presentable for years to come, while not putting the wear & tear the continuous scrubbing brings on the equipment.”

“The FOG Tank reduces labor by eliminating the need to scrub carbon buildup and baked on oil. There’s no need to continuously empty and fill the FOG Tank, which is our favorite feature.”

– Keith McDonald, Executive Steward


The FOG Tank cleans every type of kitchen equipment, making it the perfect solution for large casinos with both casual and gourmet restaurants.


“We have used the FOG Tank here at Caesars Palace for the past three months and we have seen significant results to our pots, pans, melamine platters, and other miscellaneous items that we put in the FOG Tank. The product truly works and is fast and efficient and does what it says it will do. The great thing about the FOG Tank is that you can put many different types of pots and pans in it at a time and the results will be the same depending on the soak time. We have put carbon stained sauté pans along with white melamine platters and there was no staining to our platters and the pans came out clean with no carbon film left on them. The FOG Tank is a great investment for any company, because it will bring back to life the luster and sheen of your old items that you are looking at re-purchasing because your first impression is that the company will have to replace the old items that look greased up, carbonized, and the metal looks worn out. We have put items in the tank from our casual dining establishments all the way to our highest gourmet restaurant and received tremendous results. The FOG Tank is very user friendly, it is easy to clean and maintain the tank, and training for your employees is very minimal. I would recommend the FOG Tank to any food establishment and bakery, because you will not be disappointed by the results.”

– Patrick Aranda, Executive Steward, Caesars Palace Las Vegas


From single unit restaurants to global franchises, restaurateurs depend on the Fog Tank daily to provide safe and cost-effective cleaning.


“I really couldn’t be happier with the Hyginix FOG Tank. I have managers that range in tenure from 15 years to 36 years and we all agree that this is one of the best investments we have ever made for the Back of the House. Anything that is cleaned in the FOG Tank comes out looking brand new, which helps tremendously with the Cleanliness Component of our Franchise Evaluations. The solution in the tank lasts for a month or longer, just like Hyginix claims, and the solution is just as potent and effective on day one as it is on the last day of use.”

“Personally, as a Franchisee, what I have been most impressed with is how strongly my managers and team members feel about the FOG Tank. Over the years my managers have seen a lot of different cleaners and machines come through the kitchen and I can’t recall another product in which they have raved so much about or had so much enthusiasm for. My frugal head manager who has been with us for 36 years said that if they came to take it away, he would either “hide it” or there would be a revolt and he and my cooks would refuse to let it go. :)”

– Leslie Sharp, President of the Southeastern KFC Franchisee Association


Fog Tank® allows caterers to maximize staff efficiency, achieve superior cleanliness and sanitation, and maintain high kitchen standards from any location.


“I need to thank you for your superior product. As a small, independent caterer our budgets are all very tight. Yet our standards are very high, especially when it comes to cleaning and sanitation practices. We strive to a level much higher than the standard health code. The FOG Tank allows us to keep a level of clean in our commercial kitchen that we could not reach or afford the old fashioned way. ”

“Since the beginning of the year our cleaning products cost, water usage, and overall time spent cleaning has been cut more than in half. Your product is truly too good to be true and has to be seen to be believed. Currently we are telling all our industry associates that they need to come by and see how easy cleaning can be!!”

“From hood baffles, oven racks and stove tops to all the pots, pans, inserts, and even cutting boards, our kitchen sparkles!”

“I’ve never taken the time to write such a note, as I have never found a product that I so love and feel the need to share! Thank you and keep up the great work! ”

– Erika Reardon, Owner & Head Dishwasher


The Fog Tank’s Tiger Carbon Remover Powder sanitizes optimally and eliminates the bacteria from cookware and metal kitchen equipment to maintain the clean and sanitary environment that is so crucial in the healthcare industry.


“The service by Hyginix has been excellent, and we have been impressed by the level of back-up and the efficient delivery of chemicals and service. Unquestionably the FOG Tank does an excellent job, saves us money and makes our lives much easier. We highly recommend the system.”

– Phil Martin, Facilities Manager


The Fog Tank helps educational institutions maintain kitchens that meet HACCP standards while keeping overhead low.


“We strive to a level much higher than the standard health code. The FOG Tank allows us to keep a level of clean in our commercial kitchen that we could not reach or afford the old fashioned way.”

– Mary DaSilva, Operations Manager


The FOG Tank is available in multiple sizes to accommodate bakeries’ large pans and kitchen equipment.


“The FOG Tank is easy to clean and maintain. Employee training is minimal. I would recommend the FOG Tank to any food establishment and Bakery.”

– Patrick Aranda, Executive Steward


The Fog Tank cleans from light duty to heavy duty kitchen equipment making it the perfect solution for commercial applications.