Cleaning vent hood filters is one of the most time-consuming tasks in any commercial kitchen. Depending on how busy your location is, you may need to do this daily to eliminate the buildup of grease and grime. Scrubbing them by hand is hard work, and running them through the dishwasher consumes a lot of resources. Fortunately, there is an alternative for hood filter cleaning that saves you time, water and money. The FOG Tank is the solution you’ve been looking for, capable of cleaning up to 28 restaurant hood filters at the same time with minimal effort and exceptional results.

How FOG Tank Works

Hood filters trap a lot of airborne grease and other particulates throughout the day in a busy kitchen. Keeping them clean is crucial to keep your ventilation system working properly and reduce the risk of fire. The FOG Tank is a stainless steel soak tank that uses our proprietary Tiger Carbon Removal Powder to clean metal kitchen equipment thoroughly and effectively without scrubbing.

All you need to do is submerge the filters into the filled tank and let it do the rest. Once the cleaning cycle is complete, all that’s left is to rinse away any carbon particles that may be left behind and your filters will be completely clean.

What Makes FOG Tank a Better Solution?

Compared to cleaning filters the traditional way, FOG Tank is the superior choice in a wide range of environments. Once you add the Tiger Carbon Removal Powder, you can go for 30 days without having to change the water or add more cleanser. This saves you a significant amount of water and money over using the sink or dishwasher. Its insulated design means it also maintains an operating temperature of 185 degrees without the need to draw much more power to heat it.

FOG Tank is available in many different sizes, including the largest model capable of handling up to 28 standard-size hood filters at the same time. To learn more or order yours today, get in touch with our team.